Impress clients with beautiful and energy efficient lighting solutions. 

You’ve spent time and energy making sure your projects exceed your client’s expectations, so why not finish the project off strongwith world-class lighting? 

The next generation of LED lights from Green Creative, Kobi, Satco, and more, provide ultra-energy efficient power usage resulting in lower utility bills and dependable, long-lasting lighting. 

Collaborate with us

We have helped customers find the right lighting solutions since 1976. We’ll work with you to make the lighting of your project a highlight, not just an afterthought.

As a 14-time “Outstanding Award Contributor” for the Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally, we take time to understand your needs and find solutions that fit your budget with wholesale pricing and always with your best interests as our priority. 

Get long-term savings for your customers 

Updating your lighting is an investment that can pay for itself over time. We will be fully transparent in showing you how long it will take to recoup your project costs and patiently walk through potential options. And, we will help you take advantage of available rebates. 


Set the right mood 

Choosing the right color temperature will set the mood of a room. Weather it’s the lobby or hallway of an apartment building or a remodeled kitchen or living room, every socket is a chance to make the space both beautiful and energy efficient. And, we stay on top of the latest codes so you don't have to.


    Experience the Pacific Lamp difference:

    • World-class products
    • Friendly, collaborative service
    • Fully transparent pricing 
    • Estimated time to recoup project costs
    • Wholesale pricing available