Beauty and energy efficiency together at last. 

Lighting sets the mood of our homes. A warm soft glow may set the right mood for the living room, where cooler, brighter light feel may work best in the kitchen. We only sell the world’s best brands to help you bring your home to life and be energy efficient.

It’s time to go beyond big box store basic bulbs and see what great lighting can do for your home.   

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Quality matters 

You spend time and money to continually improve your home. So why install basic, low quality light bulbs? Big-box store brand LED bulbs tend to flicker, buzz, and burn out almost as fast as normal light bulbs. With our high-quality brands like, Green Creative, Kobi, and Satco; you will never encounter any of those annoyances. Our brands have the highest quality control standards in the industry and most come with a 3 to 5-year factory warranty.

Color temperature 

It’s remarkable how much light color can affect our mood—especially in winter months. Check out our room-by-room guide to see what kind of colors work best. 

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Spending a little more on long-lasting quality bulbs is well worth it in the long run. You can expect to see lower energy bills* and recoup your costs over time. And, the energy you save can equal a lot over time. For example a typical three bedroom house with energy efficient lighting can save the equivalent of taking 4 cars off the road each year.